This is not my native soil.
This is not my native city. But I am heartbroken as though it were.

I do not own a shop.
I have not lost any goods or money or my livelihood in the last few
days. But I have felt on the verge of tears reading about and watching those
who have.

They keep using words like mindless, disaffected and immoral.
I think mindful, wanton and apathetic seem more accurate.

You are not revolutionaries, activists or provocateurs. Your
lack of a wide-screen television, latest mobile phone or bottle of Chardonnay does
not qualify you as the next Susan B. Anthony or Martin Luther King Jr.

And closet racists who think it’s okay to come out now and
let us know how you really feel?  You’re
part of the problem, not the solution. Please, I implore you, shut the f**k up.

I feel like I should be angry, but I am just sad.

I have hope for tomorrow. Because, Britain, you’re beautiful. Even
with all your flaws.