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Civilized men and piss taking fashionistas

A recent article claimed that men were now choosing to wear panty hose for, get this, ‘fashion and comfort reasons’.  Uh, okay.


The article further states that ‘sales have rocketed thanks to their practical use and the bold fashion statement they make ‘ and ‘some men want to keep their legs warm during winter, while others enjoy lounging around the house in them and others enjoy wearing patterned tights with shorts’. emphasis mine


Shenanigans! Shenanigans!


While I can give credence to the idea that a certain subsection of men might choose to wear pantyhose (at £17 a pop no less!)  and I can totally see the fashion side of the argument, I take particular umbrage at the idea that men would wear them for comfort.  Or because they’re practical.


You know, I’ve spent quite a bit of time around drag queens and never once did I ever hear any of them claim to be so comfortable in their pantyhose (or broseiry which is someone’s obviously desperate attempt to shoehorn a new word into the common vernacular) that they would choose to start wearing them in their day to day life for practicalities sake.  Usually the comments would extend to either ‘I wish they made these damn things a little bigger’ or ‘Oooh, Mary, these hose are seriously mashing up my mangina’. 


The latter issue could be solved if said tights had some sort of junk pocket to house the meat and veg but from what I can see in photos these are your old school style tights with the seam straight up through the crotch.  They also seem to be just as sheer as your standard set of tights so I’d reckon most guys ‘lounging around the house’ with them on would also choose to wear underpants with them, unless they enjoy giving their friends a proper eyeful in what could only be described as the weirdest and most confusing type of exhibitionism I’ve seen.


I don’t know…perhaps Saul the Activity Snake can sum it up better than I can…



p.s. Also, matted leg hair too? Totally sexy!



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‘Thissss issss not my bessst sssside. Asssssssssss!’


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